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School Board of Trustees 

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The core of Almadina Academy is our passionate team of Board of Trustees, who follow a high academic standard to guide their values, creativity, and leadership in fulfilling the school's vision.

The board is composed of the following office positions:

1. Chairman: Mohamed Gomaa Ahmed

2. Vice Chairman: Abdurahman Abdula Abdurahman

3. Treasurer: Ahmed Salman

4. Secretary: Malek Saber

5. Board Member: Sheikh. Hassan Damire

6. Board Member: Ameer Kader

For any questions or enquiries email the board at

Mohamed Gomaa Ahmed is a parent of 2 kids at Almadina Academy. He holds a Bachelor and Master Degree from Faculty of Pharmacy Al-Azhar University. He was teacher assistant in the Faculty of Pharmacy for 6 years. He currently works at OSU as a Graduate Research Associate in Internal Medicine Department. Dr. Ahmed has Quran Ijazah by Hafs from Asem Narration. On the side, he has a long-time experience in teaching Quraan and islamic studies at different places.


Abdurahman Abdula Abdurahman is a part-time teacher at Masjid Noor (NICC) Sunday School. He also works with a fundraising organization to build Islamic schools. He is excited to share his experience with Almadina Academy.



Ameer Kader is an active member of the community. He is an active board member of AskAmuslim for over 8 years, which is an active organization has a goal to spread the truth about Islam and clears up misconceptions  Mr. Kader is originally from New Jersey and Raised a Christian but reverted and has been a muslim for over 15 years. He is enthusiastic about being apart of this great effort of raising ethical & pious Muslim children. 

Ahmed Salman is a parent of 2 students at the school. He is a certified management accountant. He has experience in accounting for more than 15 years. Mr. Salman is excited to serve in the board as the treasure and financial committee head to help oversee and organize the school financial accounts.


Malek Saber is a devoted electrical engineering professional, committed to both his faith and family. Armed with a bachelor's degree from Alazhar University, he currently serves at AEP (American Electric Power). Malek's deep religious devotion is evident in his early Quran memorization and active role as a Friday Khatib at Masjid Omar Ibn Elkhattab. As a parent, he prioritizes his child's education at Almadina Academy, reflecting his dedication to holistic development. Malek's life embodies his unwavering commitment to profession, faith, and family, inspiring others through his actions and contributions to the community.

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