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Hifz Program

Almadina Academy is now offering a full-time hifth program, the first of its kind in the greater Columbus area. Upper elementary students have the opportunity to enroll in a full-time school where they will work on their memorization as well as their academic studies.  The program is designed for upper elementary students. The program is structured for students to complete the memorization of the Quran in 3 academic school years.

1.  Who should apply for this program?

a.  Students entering 3rd-5th grade in the academic school year of 2023-2024 can apply for this program.

2.  How will students study their academic subjects?

a.  Students must be enrolled in

b. Parent must sign up as a learning coach in addition to the in person tutor at Almadina Academy.

3.  What are the requirements for entrance to the program?

a.  Must be entering 3rd-5th grader in the academic school year of 2023-2024

b.  Must be able to read the Quran fluently with basic Tajweed (rules of Nun Sakin & Madd)

c.   Student must have good independent working skills and motivated about memorizing the Quran

d.  Student must have good academic standing (A-B student)

e.  Student must have good behavior standing

4.  What is the schedule of the day look like for a hifth student?

a.  The first half of the day (8am-12pm) will be set for the hifth program. During this time, the students will recite, review, and memorize their hifth portions with the teacher. Then students will break for lunch and recess with peers. After the break(1pm-3pm), students will begin their grade level academic classes with their academic tutor. 

5. What is the tuition for the hifth program?

a. $5500/ year

6.  What is the structure of the three year program?

a.  First year: ½ page daily, finish 5 juz

b.  Second year: 1 page daily, finish 10 juz

c.   Third year: 1.5 page daily, finish 15 juz

7. How many students will year 1 have?

a.  Recommendation no more than 5 (Spots are limited!)

b.  can be flexble with 2nd and 6th graders, based on ability

c.   application process should be the same as other students

Admission Instructions


New parents are required to download and complete an application form


New Student Application Form


All parents are required to pay the $50 registration fee - payable  online by going to the admission payment page


Parents can bring the forms to school or send it to the following email:


All parents are required to pay the $550 tuition fee  for 10 months- payable  online by going to the admission payment page and choosing the Hifz Payment Option

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