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School Philosophy

The educational philosophy of Almadina Academy is one that emphasizes the education of the “total person.” It is one that encourages students to explore and grow in their knowledge of themselves and creations of Allah subhana wa ta’ala. We inspire a generation of young men and women who are firmly in touch with themselves, their heritage as Muslims, and their place in contemporary society. The main goals of Almadina Academy are to follow and implement Islam as a complete way of life as prescribed in the Qur’an and Sunnah: to provide a high quality education, to instill a love of learning in the students, and to graduate students who will rely on Islam as a complete way of life.

In order to reach these goals, Almadina staff will work to:

  1. Consider each child’s ability, interest, and achievement when planning instruction and assessment.

  2. Provide a differentiated learning experience based upon each student’s needs.

  3. Plan and deliver meaningful instruction that will prepare each child for the next steps in the educational journey. 

  4. Support students in maintaining curiosity, enthusiasm, and zest for life and learning.

  5. Work closely with colleagues and education leaders to ensure a team-based approach to educating each child.

  6. Maintain and enrich parent-teacher relationships.

  7. Use a variety of techniques in instruction and assessment.

  8. Teach each child to accept the responsibilities of citizenship by providing instruction on the rights, duties, and obligations of Muslim in a westernized society.

  9. Encourage creativity in all areas of study.

  10. Help each child accept the strengths and weaknesses of others and learn to work cooperatively with classmates.

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