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Donations to Almadina Academy are put towards our operating budget, providing support for core programs and inspiring students to strive for more. As part of our community, our generous donors directly help students succeed intellectually, emotionally and socially throughout their futures. 

Those who spend their wealth in charity day and night, secretly and openly—their reward is with their Lord, and there will be no fear for them, nor will they grieve. (Quran 2.272) 

"Sadaqah wipes out sins like water extinguishes fire" - Tirmidhi 

New Building Project

What is the New Building Project? We are currently catering to grades K-5 but are looking to expand to grade 8 as soon as possible. Opening the middle school is very crucial for our fifth-grade graduates, as we would hate for them to have to transition back to the public system in the case, we are unable to expand. Almadina Academy currently lacks a cafeteria, library, gymnasium, and even a dedicated ESL classroom. All facilities that are available in a public-school Muslim student deserve the same if not more. To achieve this goal, Almadina Academy is raising funds to rent/purchase a building/land that will cater to our student’s needs

Short Term Building Goals

1. To open Grades 6-8 (middle school)

2. To ensure that our school has the following facilities A library A Cafeteria A Gymnasium A Teacher Room

3. Hire additional qualified teachers

4. Hire intervention specialist so we can accommodate special education students



Long Term Building Goals

1. For Almadina to be a Muslim community center

2. For the library to be open to the public for Islamic book lending

3. To be able to hold and fund private events for Muslim community. For example Separate gender private swimming lessons, Adult ESL classes, Eid celebrations, Quran competitions, and much mor

New  Building 

New Building Address

1345 Morse Road, Columbus, Ohio 43229

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