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In grades 1-5, students continue to build on the foundation they developed in Kindergarten. At Almadina we view learning as a life-long endeavor with the elementary years serving as one of the most critical foundations to inspire students along that journey. Our Elementary curriculum is designed to help students develop a strong foundation in reading, writing, math, science, and social studies. Through engaging activities, interactive lessons and authentic assessments, we promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will prepare students for success in the classroom and beyond. Our comprehensive curriculum  also focuses on developing research and and project-based skills, thus encouraging students to be creative and explore their own interests. Furthermore the curriculum also supports the development of both academic and social-emotional learning, so your child can gain the confidence and knowledge they need to reach their potential and be well-prepared for the challenges of the world.


Our experienced teachers provide a safe learning environment and support students as they progress through their educational journey.  

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