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Our Kindergarten program offers a safe and nurturing learning environment for children ages 5-6  This kindergarten curriculum provides a fun and engaging way to introduce children to the basics of literacy, mathematics, science and social studies. Through hands-on activities, creative play, and interactive learning, children can develop a strong foundation of fundamental skills. Our curriculum is designed to foster a love of learning and to build children's confidence as they explore the world around them. With a focus on social and emotional development, our curriculum helps children learn how to work together and interact with others in a positive way. We also provide age-appropriate enrichment activities to further enhance the learning experience. We also provide ample opportunity for outdoor play and exploration, allowing kids to discover and develop at their own pace. Our goal is to help children develop a love for learning and a strong foundation for future academic success.

Furthermore our Islamic and Arabic kindergarten curriculum is designed to give children a strong foundation in the language, culture, and core values of the Islamic faith. Students will learn to read and write Arabic, engage in cultural activities, practice their recitation of the Quran, and explore the principles of the faith in a safe and nurturing environment. This program is tailored to meet the unique needs of young learners, and is perfect for introducing them to the beauty of the Islamic faith.

Our experienced teachers provide a safe learning environment and support students as they progress through their educational journey.  

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