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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Meet Our Principal

Ms. Suad Hashi

"My name is Suad Hashi I am a passionate educator with a strong commitment to enhancing the school experience for parents, staff, and students. From being a former teacher to now serving as the Principal of Almadina Academy, I am driven by a dream to reach new heights in education. My educational journey includes earning a Bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University, a Master's degree from Franklin University, and a CELTA Teaching Certificate from Cambridge University. In addition to my professional pursuits, I have a deep interest in seeking Islamic knowledge, exploring interior design, and embarking on enriching travel experiences. I consider it an absolute honor to lead Almadina Academy and support the Muslim community in nurturing their religious identity and expanding their educational horizons. My goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive space where students can thrive academically, emotionally, and spiritually."

Welcome to the Almadina Academy faculty and staff directory. We are proud to have a diverse and dedicated team of educators and professionals who are committed in providing the best possible education for our students.  All of our teaching staff have educational background and experience in teaching different subjects. Teachers receive professional development opportunities to enhance and be updated with new trends in education.


Our Muslim teachers strive to educate our students with both academic concepts intertwined with Islamic knowledge. Our administrative staff have experience in both teaching and leading day to day schoolwork.​ Student life at Almadina Academy is incredibly supportive. Our teachers develop caring relationships with our students, allowing for the adaptation of curricula to meet the social, emotional and educational needs of everyone. Furthermore teachers also maintain a very collegial relationship with parents always communicating on their child's progress at all times.


Dr. Randa Abdelmagid

Vice Principal

Sumayyah Vonarb

Administrative Assistant

Fathiya Abu Talib

Administrative Assistant

Malek Saber

Volunteer IT Specialist and board member

Mrs. Amel Laidi

Logistics and Lead Supervisor

Teaching Staff 

Aissatou Barry

KG Homeroom

Naiomi Etgen

2nd Grade Homeroom

Ladan Barnes

4th Grade Homeroom

Warveen Mosa

7th Grade Homeroom

Hooma Khairkhah

Teacher Assistant

Maya Wilcox

1st Grade Homeroom

Layla Barnes

3rd Grade Homeroom

Muna Mohamoud

5th Grade Homeroom

Shukri Igal

KG Homeroom

Fakhar Nisa

Teacher Assistant

Ann Sobhy

2nd Grade Homeroom

Maryame Lougmi

3rd Grade Homeroom

Olla Osman

6th Grade Homeroom

Djedjiga Boudraa

Teacher Assistant

Hidayah Walker

Teacher Assistant

QAIS Department
Soukaina Ait Mansour

Arabic Teacher Upper Grades

Ramla Hirsi

Islamic Teacher

Fatima Kadraoui

Quran Teacher Upper Grades

Marwa Gaafar

Quran Teacher Lower Grades

Abeer Albawared

Arabic Teacher Lower Grades

Hifdth Program
Fatima Kadraoui

Hifdth Quran Tutor

Zeinab Kassim

Hifdth Tutor

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