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Almadina Welcoming Note

Almadina Academy was founded in 2017 in Columbus, Ohio which offers a unique blend of an American curriculum while respecting and practicing Islamic and Muslim Values. We are fully accredited by the Ohio Department of Education. Our student population is 100 % English Language Learners (ELL). Most of our students are Arab/African nationals and Arabic is their first spoken language. The students are expected to master both English and Arabic languages simultaneously. Our students are dedicated to success and work hard towards achieving excellence. (Read more)


The vision of Almadina  Academy is to be a national model for Islamic education, ranked academically among the top schools nationwide, and recognized for the excellence and global contributions of our graduates.


The mission of Almadina Academy is to provide the highest quality education to the diverse community of Muslim children in Central Ohio within an Islamic environment that nurtures and builds each child’s identity as a Muslim American.

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