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A little about Islam

Asalam walekum, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Followers of Islam are called muslims. We are muslims and we only worship one god, and that is Allah. We believe that Allah is the one and only, we believe in the angels, we believe in prophet Muhamed pbuh, and we also believe in the day of judgment. If you want to become a muslim you have to say the shahadatain, pray salah , do zakat, fast ramadan, and do hajj al bayt for the one who can. The shahadatain are ashhadu alla ilaha illallah ashhadu an muhamed rasul allah. If you want to pray you have to pray Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, Isha. If you want to do zakat you have to give people money or give people who are in need food. If you fast Ramadan you have to fast the whole month. If you didn't pass the age of puberty you don't have to fast Ramadan, if you pass the age of puberty you have to fast Ramadan . For hajj al bayt if you don't have money it's ok not to go because you don't have a lot of money. For praying, before you pray you have to do something called wudu. You have to do wudu if you sleept , if you bleed or throw up a lot, and there's more. If you want to do wudu these are the steps. First wash your hands three times and wash your mouth three times. Rinse your nose three times, wash your face three times. Then you start washing from the tip of your fingers to your elbows right then left three times. After that you get a little bit of water and go over your head and ears one time. Then wash your feet and you are finished with your wudu so you can go and pray. These are some things about islam. I hope that you are a muslim and if not, I hope you become one soon.

By Raghed Boudine - 3rd Grade

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