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How Youtube get you into trouble

Electronics takes away your attention, for example when your parents take it away you

feel mad about it ,so you start causing problems. You might see your sister or brother using it, it makes you want it and you blame them because they have the phone or computer or ipad and you don’t. It doesn't matter you have to get away, although you think causing problems is good, it isn't. Parents you are older, you are not babies help your children they need to get away from electronics you have to save them. Something can happen to their eyes, like an infection or being blind just be careful. I hope you're well inshallah, I hope you're having a great winterbreak my friends that don’t get on the computer or phone or ipad it does not matter. That is why electronics are bad for kids and parents.

by Alia Laidi - 3rd grade

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1 комментарий

Sakinnah Webster
Sakinnah Webster
24 апр. 2023 г.

الله مبارك! جزاك الله خيرا 🤍

This is awesome advice young lady!

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