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Hey people, become Muslim today!

Hey people, become Muslim today! If I could tell you something awesome it will be that being a muslim is a good thing, because if you're a muslim you get to go to a place called Jannah. Jannah is a very nice place. In Jannah, you can do whatever you want. For example, if you want a huge lollipop all you have to do is think of it and Allah will give it to you!

Maybe you're asking yourself who is Allah? Allah is your god. The one who created you, and the one who created everyone. Allah is the one. We don't know what Allah looks like, but we know who Allah is. We as muslims don’t listen to people who believe THAT JESUS (AA) IS OUR ALLAH! Allah created the prophect Jesus (AA). In Arabic we call him Isa (AA)

.How can you be a muslim today? Well, first you take your Shahada. Then it's by following the prophet Muhamed (PUBH) in what he did and said. There are 5 steps that can help you go to Jannah. First is to say shahadataine, then icam salah, itaa zakat, fasting ramadan, and hagg al-baite for people who can. You should also read the Quran.The Quran is the holy book for muslims.You have to pray to go to Jannah. BUT YOU DON’T PRAY TO JESSE!!! PRAY TO ALLAH!! For extra Hasanat you can fast on Monday or Thursday. But if you did not listen to Allah you will go to a bad place. That's why you should become a muslim today!

By Retal Salman Grade 3

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